How To Automatically Send DM To New Twitter Followers

Have you been wondering how to make most out of Twitter for marketing? Well, there are various tips & tricks you can use to automate the process.

One main reason for using automated DM is, it helps you to establish a meaningful relation with your followers. The fact is, 80% of the time when a user follows us, he/she never interact with our tweets. The reason being is the lack of personalization.

This problem could easily by solved by we being the first one to welcome our new followers. Of course, manually sending hi to the new follower is not possible & this is where automated Twitter direct message tools come into the picture.

Today, you will learn how you can send an automatic Twitter direct message to new followers. Once you have set up the stuff, after that everything is taken care automatically.

These tools are paid & free. If your DM campaign is going to make money for you (Directly or indirectly), you should consider getting the paid option, as it gives you more control & good for earning more trust.

Without further delay, let’s have a look at some of the best tools to send Automatic DM on Twitter.

Best Twitter Tools to send automated DM


This is one tool that is still the most popular choice for sending automated DM to new followers. Along with sending automated DM, you can also auto follow new followers. This is another great way to let your followers know that you care.

If you notice the profile of Twitter users, who have 100K+ followers, all of them are auto following their followers or people who are interacting with their tweets.

For now, let me quickly share how you can use SocialOomph to configure auto DM option.

  • Create an account on SocialOomph
  • Link your Twitter account to SocialOomph
  • Click on Following > Follow Back & Auto-DM
  • Here you need to upgrade your account if you haven’t done that. Once you are done upgrading, you will see a screen like this:


Click on configure & set up the message you want to send as a direct message to your new Twitter followers. Here is what I have configured


Click on save & from here on; every new follower will automatically receive a DM from your profile. Here is what the results look like:


Cool! Is int it?

If you are sending a link in your direct message, I suggest using a URL shortener like or any other to track the number of clicks. This is free & will help you to analyze how effective your direct message campaign is going on.

Another thing that you should do is, keep changing your auto welcome message after 7-10 days & see which one is working out best. This is an optional step, but it’s worth following to improve your overall conversion.

For now, this is one tool I could recommend & in the coming days will share more tools which will help you to automate various tasks on Twitter.

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